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Town of Holly


Town of Holly Ordinance No. 428 requires the vaccination, licensing, and tagging of dogs within the town. Tags must be attached to the collar or harness of the licensed dog at all times.


It shall be the duty of every person who owns or harbors any dog or dogs in the Town of Holly, Colorado, to have such dog or dogs inoculated by a regularly licensed veterinarian of the State of Colorado and to obtain a certificate from said veterinarian, setting out the fact of such vaccination and also obtain from the Town Clerk of the Town of Holly, Colorado a license for each dog. Such vaccination may be performed during the months of January and February of each calendar year or the owner of said dog may elect to receive a three year vaccination shot from licensed veterinarian. Licensing from the Town of Holly must be renewed no later than March 1 of each calendar year for each dog harbored. All persons who acquire a dog or dogs between March 1 and December 31 of any calendar year shall immediately following such acquisition or upon such harboring, have such dog or dogs inoculated and licensed for the remaining calendar year. If such dog or dogs have received the three year vaccination and inoculation records must be provided upon licensing of dog or dogs to the Town Clerk.

Licensing Fees:

Male or Spayed Female.......$2.50
Unspayed Female................$5.00

Owners applying for a license for a spayed female must furnish a certificate to the Town Clerk showing that the dog is spayed.