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Town of Holly


     Frankie Valens was a nightclub singer in the late 60s and early 70s whose signature song was "This Magic Moment." He also recorded "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" and "She Cried." He toured the United States and Canada and was showcased in Las Vegas. Frankie was an extra in the movies "Ice Castles" and "Every Which Way But Loose."

     Frankie had the opportunity of singing on the same ticket with the late president Ronald Reagan and country singer Crystal Gale. He also sang for the inauguration of the former mayor of San Diego as well as for former California governor Pete Wilson’s 60th birthday party at Sea World in San Diego, California. The Byrds, The Platters and The Boxtops are 60s groups with whom Frankie has shared the spotlight.

     Frankie’s wife Phyllis is an accomplished concert pianist and has written children’s music for Standard Publishing’s Vacation Bible School courses for over twenty years, including the theme songs for 1979 and 1985. She writes some of the music the couple sings and has presented full piano concerts herself.

     Frankie and Phyllis traveled full time in their gospel music ministry for seven years before coming off the road in 1997 to assist churches with their music programs. They have resumed their concert ministry on a part-time basis. Rescue Missions, the Salvation Army and prisons are additional places they have shared their love and message for God’s people everywhere.

     "Unique" and "inspiring" are words often used to describe their family concerts. Their music varies from classical to contemporary, southern gospel to traditional. Solos, duets, concert piano numbers, hand-signing and skits are featured. This is an exciting worship experience you will not want to miss